Friday, November 29, 2013

Top 5 Reason Why I Chose Macbook Air

Thanks to my sister for over and over haunting me with this Macbook Air, so, here it is.

I ordered online to get the student's price. At first I worried if they would ask any proof that I'm a student or university staff. But thank to this blogger and the person who asked it: blog.ariff, I read comments and found they won't actually check.

It took one week to arrive to my location. Delivery is FREE of charge. It came all the way from Singapore to me in Malaysia.

I had my eyes on this thing for quite a while. Stalked here and there to ensure I made the right decision. After a lot of Internet reading, I finally have chosen the.....

13-inch Macbook Air 

Super slim. 

Top 5 reasons why I chose 13-inch Macbook Air:
  1. Portability. It only weighs 0.92 kg.
  2. Editing is easy: I'm putting this reason since I was thinking of iPad at first. I need a PC more than a tablet for business purpose.
  3. The 13" screen size: Just perfect size for me, not too big not too small.
  4. Battery Life: Can last 10-12 hours. I can leave my charger at home without worry.
  5. The superslim design: I can even carry in my handbag.

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