Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review: Mission Impossible 4 (Ghost Protocol)

Kemaruk sangat nak tengok movie, hasrat hati nak tengok cerita yang comel dan kiut macam Puss in Boots or anything similar. Rupanya dah habis tayangan.

Akhirnya husband cadangkan tengok Mission Impossible 4. Cadangan diterima. Yess I love action movies. Baru sangat keluar ni. Dah berbulan rasa tak tengok movie, rasa loser and outdated sangat. Kitorang pilih midnight show 12:45am.

I was shocked to see that this movie is actually produced by the leading actor himself - Tom Cruise Production. That makes this film the first Mission Impossible franchise movie produced by his production.

Saya sebenarnya langsung takde expectation when I first step to the theatre since it was an ad hoc plan to watch this movie. That is the reason why it fulfills me every single second I sit in the theatre even though it is so damn cold!

This movie is the most humble version than other previous sequels of MI. Ada scene where high tech gadgets (typical MI la kan) doesn't work - which brings humor elements to the movie and not much of topeng yang berganti-ganti though we still seeing it but use rarely. The most previous one rasenya berjuta kali kot bertukar-tukar topeng sampai naik confuse tu sape ni sape.

Lokasi semuanya tempat yang best - Budapest, Dubai, India, Vancouver. Action sumer memang real giler lahh..

My favourite scene is mission at Burj Dubai.

And my favourite quote from this movie will be when Tom Cruise (Agent Hunt) said, "It was my responsibility to protect her, not yours" at the end of the movie.

I would rate this movie 4.2 out of 5. Sekian movie review yang tidak seberapa.

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