Monday, July 25, 2011

Annyeong Haseyo! 안녕하세요 Me in Seoul

Annyeong Haseyo everybody! Haha amat poyour. Malas nak intro, bace jela k.

I arrived at Incheon airport at 7:20am on Sunday. Not really a big international airport as I expected it to be. But okay lah. Bus to my hotel cost me around 10,000 won, equals to approx RM30.

Staying in Ibis Myeong-dong, center of Seoul. This is the view from my room at 18th floor.

Hungry, no idea of any halal food aorund Myeong-dong, so, I went to Itaewon (the only place I know yang jual makanan halal di Seoul). Try to hop on a train but get confused sebab semuanya tulisan Korea!!

I finally get a cab. Well, thank God it's International taxi, the taxi driver can speak English well so I manage to communicate with him.

Itaewon is the hub of halal food mart and restaurants in Seould. Ade gak Hard Rock Cafe and other pubs there. All fake brands stuff can also be found here.

Not so easy to reach here. Kena climb the hill path road. Semput mak. On weekends, there will be a lot of Malaysia students. We just 'smile' as a regard that we recognized each other as Malaysian and strangely we then just ignored each other. Probably because Malaysian population here in Seoul dah ramai, so takdela heran sangat jumpa sesama sendiri.

This should be, if not mistaken, the only mosque yang ada di Seoul.

I had my lunch at Korean Muslim food. Briyani chicken rice, cost me about 10,000 won. By the way, it's too spicy and overload of rice. I just managed to eat half of it.

Finally, get to taste the real Korean dish the next day!! Thanks Petronas & Samsung Engineering for the lunch treat!

Nasi kat bawah ni is actually glutinuous rice. Quite sedap la. 9,600 won for sets of 2 pax. Murah gila kan pastu lauk banyak. The only protein are the fish and telur ayam, the rest is all sayur.

Ok, yang bawah ni is my favourite of all. Sort of Kimchi fish, in Korean is called Kodari. Suka gak all the sayur yang digaul dengan sambal kimchi. I would say, Korean food is just my taste lah!

Oleh kerana meeting satu hari and sangat panjang (9am to 7 pm, just stop only for lunch, one short break), malam tu I decided untuk jalan-jalan nearby area only. There's an underground shopping center just by walking from the hotel. Tak banyak benda yang menarik sangat - takde geng. Biasala kalau pergi oversea je musti sorang-sorang kan 😭

Digi di Korea?

Actually ada lagi tempat shopping yang saya pergi siap kena sauk dompet dengan Ahjumma mana tah. Tapi disebabkan dah kena sauk dompet tu, takde mood nak tangkap gambar haha!

PENGAJARAN: Berhati-hati dengan penyeluk saku di Seoul.

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