Monday, May 2, 2011

Review: Yoyoy Kamphora Spa

Spa yang I went to last Sat was a bit far (not a bit tapi sangat!!) from my place. It's Yoyoy Kamphora Spa located in Sri Gombak.

I don't know what to say but not so impressed with the internal deco. Seriously they need to improve. It's too dim and I felt like in a cave. For those who are not familiar with Sri Gombak, the spa was really hard to find.

I'm NOT gonna reveal how much have I spent $$ there. It's a combination of facial and body treatment spa. Sounds cool rite. Btw, you will need to pay extra RM10  if you wish to have your personal sponge (new one), otherwise they'll reuse the sponge in which have been used to other customers. How gross is that!!!

At first I get a sauna. I hated sauna, I've tried hard to look for any package without sauna but none. Like I'm trapped with no choice. It was around 25 mins I guess, individually the sauna cost RM25.

Then it's time for the aromatheraphy massage. You will get a standard oil for the massage but with extra cost, you may also get different oil.

So I decided to pick an oil yang fungsinya untuk buang angin. Alahai, her massage is not as energetic as I imagined at all. Reflexology lady in Warta Bangi could do it better. The whole time I just rasa geli jer. The massage took around 40mins I guess or more.

Next is scrubbing. Ow I like scrubbing or lulur, it has always been my favourite. It's been a year I haven't done this to myself. Don't call me gross..few people out there never even scrub.. :P

Final touch on the body is the whitening body mask. I don't know exactly they put to my body tapi bau macam susu tepung, it is so sticky but get hardened quite fast. Really makes me uncomfortable sebab agak cair and meleleh. However, turned out it showed an immediate effect. When I had a bath after, rasa la kulit macam gebu sikit (or just perasan je).

What next..oh okay the facial. They already cleaned up my place. She started by cleaning my face and scrubbing my face using salt. I asked her what product they're using for facial - they're using Shadira product which they claim a local product. Never heard of it before anyway.

I also get an Aura Seri facial massage using aromatherapy oil. Seriously the smell was so good. Love it love it love it.

Finally, I get the signature Pearl treatment that sort of putting 'pearl extract' into my skin that makes it firmer. I believe it's an ampoule to firm the skin. As a final touch I get a mask and vit C cream.

I get to see my face after my facial is done, But I can't really see the difference since like I mentioned from the very beginning it was seriously 'cave' in there.

Overall, I rate this spa 3 out of 5. Yeyy Yippie.. Better than no star rite.

The thing is, I don't think I'll come here again.
It's the location factor and I think there is better spa with lower cost and nearer to my place.
However, I would recommend the Pearl facial treatment, it's my favourite!
If I happen to be nearby, I might go there again.

Anyone interested in coming can make a reservation and go there.

Yoyoy Kamphora Spa
No. 19-1, Jalan PGN-1A,
Jalan Pinggiran, 68100 Batu Caves,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel: 03-4146 4378, 03-6184 1455, 012-308 4479
Lat/Long:  3deg 15' 1.36" N / 101deg, 41' 30.71" E

UPDATE: Later I googled again about Yoyoy Kamphora Spa, happen that this spa pernah dapat coverage in magazine and so on. The newspaper article below.

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