Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ree's Skin Promotion 2011

This is a review entry for Ree's Skin.

I bought RM29.90 voucher untuk facial and eye treatment plus an aromatherapy massage which meant only for first time visitor. My intention is just to get massage package but since I can get everything in the basket, why not.

Treatment yang I got for this price is R3 Exclusive Treatment:

  1. Make up removal using TDC product.
  2. Face cleansing using TDC product.
  3. Scrubbing.
  4. Face vapor.
  5. Blackhead/whitehead removal (done lightly)
  6. R3 serum.
  7. Moisturizing Mask.
  8. Vitamin C cream.
After the treatment, my skin felt really really oily. I have dry skin so maybe the beautician thought that putting a lot of moisturiser and made my face oily is a good thing.

Nope, I don't feel comfortable at all. But that probably caused by the vitamin C cream she applied as finishing. The treatment took around 1 and a half hour.

Later, I signed up for their RM399 package for 5 facial treatments. That cost me around RM80 per treatment. The coupon was initially meant for 3 sessions only but the consultant gave away 2 free session just for me (as she claimed it). Think it's worth it for the price and doesn't have any expiry date.

The consultant urged me to pay a lumpsum money to get this package, she even threatened me if I don't pay full now I'm not getting the two extra sessions. When I tend to walk away, she suddenly said "I'll discuss with my manager."

I said, I agreed to pay only RM100 as deposit and she straightaway wrote on the receipt without having to discuss with any manager. I guess all franchise spa operates with these kind of lies. (wonder why can't they be honest).

Nevertheless, few things I learnt here:

  •  Don't use sponge to wipe away the cleanser or clean the face. The beautician used a warm cloth and wipe face gently. Rationally, sponge is actually too rough for the face.
  • Toner is important for daily usage since it is the factor to balance the pH of the skin and reduce open pores. I haven't used toner for YEARS!! 
UPDATE: My subscription is still active even on year 2016!


  1. hai Naa Zyra, saya baru follow awak... sbb tgh cari info pasal ree's skin ni bagus ke tak... ada promo dalam mydeal:
    Today's Deal : 95% off Ree's Skin Mother's Day Promotion - R3 Skin Radiance Treatment or R3 Face Reshaping Therapy @ Ree's Skin Formulation for only RM25 (1pax) instead of RM360!
    tu nak check elok ke tak... hahahah. k la, anyways thanks for the review.

    1. Good sharing, Ree’s Skin Formulation is renowned for its facial therapies and committed to its philosophy of “Flawless Beauty Begins Here”. For detail review visit:

  2. Hi,
    I purchased the RM25 voucher from mydeal as mentioned by Plain Jane and made an appointment in KL Plaza on 26/5.

    After going there, apparently the voucher can't be used for my face type as it's oily skin & the consultant was talking about the whole treatment package of RM2+++ and discount on this and that....

    End of the day, unless I sign up for their package my voucher is useless as the RM25 i paid will be included in the whole package discount !

    So i've been given a few days to decide if I want to sign up for their package...Anyone encountered the same issues?


  3. hey annoyed, if u hv to spend 2+++, no point of subscribing coz u're not using any of the coupon offer.

    when i came to Ree's Skin in Bangi, I just go str8 for facial. After the facial, then only I have to face the 'sales girl'.

    But at least I got to experience how does it feel before subscribing. Pretty not fair for you.

    And you have the right not to subscribe anything. Just say you don't have money at all just wanna try. I'm sure they will ask for deposit. Up to you how to create excuses.

    Just go back home if you dont intend to subscribe and keep the balance of the coupon with you. Don't leave it at the counter even they ask coz it's all yours After all, you paid for it.

  4. Many spas use these tactics. They will either talk to you before start your facial or do your facial and then talk to u.. The worst part is if they talk to u before facial. They will always provoke you to add some money to counter ur skin problem or even ask u to come again for next session. I will never fall for this scam! if it happened to u that the spa is forcing u to join or to buy anything, juz write a complain to groupon, milkadeal or wherever u get this coupon. And remember, spend wisely!

  5. Btw, how are your treatments? Any good signs?

  6. I am quite annoyed by the beauticians in one of their center in JB. she told me is a free birthday facial treat coz i am a current customer. she then washed by face with the bare minimum wash n scrub. I told her this is the first time i have a facial without any mask. she then intro to the GoGo treatment, which cost RM80. So, i thought i might as well sign up to get a better service to cleanse my face. then, i ended up with a facial with no removal of black heads, and she have the cheek to ask me whether i feel the difference or not.

  7. adinda, i havent been there yet for any treatment coz i am in due for labour. but since i hv paid, i will start the treatment after my confinement period. thx ladies for commenting here. i will update about the treatment in 3months time :)

  8. YES LADIES .. I am annoyed too ... their beauty consultant is very PRO with their tricks .. and their beauticians are so in-experience, cuci with their rough hands, faster then KLIA Express .. HAHA ... I DON'T FEEL comfortable at all and NOT happy after the facial .. I see NOT much differences .. SIGH !!!

  9. Thank you for taking the time to publish this information very useful!

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