Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Patchi

98.5% bride to be out there must be longing to taste Patchi and make it one of the items in your hantaran, be it for the engagement or the wedding.

Well, not a surprise coz the pretigious shows by the brand itself will give an impression that Patchi is a luxury brand chocolate unlike any other. And many were introduced by Patchi either they walk over the shop or looking at the celebrities and rich people's wedding in magazine or elsewhere.

Is it affordable? I would say yes. But not on daily basis. If you do eat on daily basis, then you must be super rich. Patchi is a chocolate brand originally from Lebanon. The founder is Nizar Choucair, who's turning 71 this year.

So what's up with this Patchi name actually? Mr Choucair get the idea from an Italian words 'baci' for kisses. And it's a long way for him to go to finally open his first Patchi store in 1974.

The first Patchi store in Malaysia is in Starhill Gallery opening in 2003, whereby it's also the first Patchi store in East Asia.

Main Patchi Stores in Malaysia:

Lot F7, First Floor
Starhill Shopping Centre

Lot G-099, Ground Floor
Mid Valley Megamall

110, Jln Maarof,
Bangsar Shopping Centre

Level 2 @ Parkson,
Suria KLCC

Level 6, Lot 6.23
Pavillion KL

Level 1 @ MPH,
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Since Patchi known for its decorated box/packaging, so, you'll walked out happily without having to worry to pack your chocolates for gift or hantaran anymore. But my personal advice, sometimes, the packaging costs more so better be average on the decoration but pay attention more on the taste selection.

Some idea on Patchi decoration for hantaran!

Selamat Bershopping!


  1. gagagaga cokelat patchi tersangat la sodapnye.. went to the boutique few years back.. tgk derang decorate chocolate tu membuatkan i rasa tak sampai hati nak makan coklat nye... now that u've mentioned... ada juge jenama coklat 'baci' kan??

  2. cik mun, i just google n there is baci chocolate!! huhu.. lgpun mmg ralat nk mkn choc that priced 3 figure for only few of it.


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